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Company Ownership Simplified

Blockchain-based digital securities for frontier markets.

Securely and easily manage your company

Raise empowers anyone to create and manage digital shares and debt, automate your capitalization tables, create customized templates and organize your financings. Our platform is built with the latest blockchain technologies, ensuring compliance, strong security and gloablly trasnferrable securities.

How Do We Make It Simple

Digitize Your Company

Your company's securities are your most important assets. Creating and managing them should be easy. Digitize your capitalization table and create compliant digital shares and debt instruments.

Simplified Document Creation

Creating documents to manage and run your company should be easy. Select templates, answer easy questions and sign your customized financing and commercial documents to protect and scale your operations.

Control Your Growth

Documents and their versionsare securely stored and always available. Control your company through easy document storage to reduce cluttered paper and legal fees.

Unrivaled Security

Securitize your company with blockchain technology. Our platform uses the latest developments in distributed ledger technology, meaning your company's assets are trillions times more secure than written on paper and your digital securities can be transferred and sold anywhere in the world.